August 1, 2006

What is Fantasy Soap League?
Fantasy Soap League is an Internet-based game modeled after fantasy football. In fantasy football, you draft a "fantasy" team of football players from all different teams. You could have a running back on the Eagles and a kicker on the Ravens. You earn points depending on how each of "your" players performs. So, even if the Ravens lose a game, but the kicker on your fantasy team does well, you will earn points.

Fantasy Soap League is similar in that you draft a "fantasy" team or "dream team" … only it is a team of your favorite Soaps Characters and Soaps Moments. Erica Kane, Victor Newman or “Wearing red to a funeral” – these are your players!

How does it work?
You sign up as an individual and are part of one, large "Public League." This means you are competing against every other person who joins as an individual in one universal Public League.

If you have friends who also join Fantasy Soap League, you can create a Private Group. Through your Private Group, you can keep tabs on how each other is doing, and you can post messages for each other.

There are also Open Groups that you can start or join. "Ga-Ga for GH?" Join the Open Group called "Ga-Ga for GH!"




Fantasy Soap League is modeled after fantasy football. But instead of drafting and rooting for athletes, Soaps fans get to draft and root for their favorite characters and their favorite Soaps Moments!

Fantasy football participants "earn" points when the athletes on their fantasy team do well in the game of football - scoring touchdowns and kicking field goals. Fantasy Soap League participants "earn" points when the characters on their fantasy team do well in the game of Soaps - discover they have a twin or interrupt a much-anticipated wedding! You earn points through characters as well as their actions.